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Let every man be a master of his time.“     Macbeth / Essay/

I think that the quote “ Let every man be a master of his time. “ from Macbeth means that we should do the things we like because it is our life and we should not be slaves of the time. We always make excuses that we don’t have much time to do this or that but that is only because we don’t utilize our time. We are always in a hurry and forget to live our life to the fullest. We should be masters of our time and not to be afraid to do something we like. To be a master of your time means that you should live, not just survive, you should love your live. For doing everything we have to think of the time we have. We should not waste our time because now it is our time to live. Enjoy your life and be happy!

Maria Kostova,


All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players

Everybody knows that life has its ups and downs. People come and go and they change over time. Sometimes they are happy and glad but sometimes they are also sad and depressed. The best way for me to describe life is through a Shakespeare’s quote, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. People can choose what life they want to live and what kind of person they want to be. When they are done choosing this they become actors who play their role in the world. Everybody has a different role and lives a different life. There are no 2 people who have the same life and this is what makes every person unique because no one else can play your role better than you. Life is a one way ticket on a train that you don’t know where it leads to and where and how it ends. This train stops at many depots. These depots consist of: Toddler, Pre Teen, Teenager, Adulthood, Elder hood and of course the depot station Death.

There is no true meaning to life as a whole. However, it’s a precious thing and you only have one. You are the actor of your life and your life is what you set it out to be. You have to make the decisions, if you make good decisions you make it to your destination when you wanted to and how you wanted to arrive. If you had made wrong decisions you might find yourself derailed.

Миглена Кърлова


Neither a borrower nor a lender be,

For loan oft loses both itself and friend… ( Hamlet; Act 1, scene 3 )

We find the use of phrase in every walk of life, as it has an universal application. The literal meaning of this phrase is lending money is always dangerous. There are many cases of friends who, after taking money and not return them for long time. This is the reason for breaking the good relations between the people and the destruction of their friendship.

Each of us is asked question what the money is ? If they are the most important thing in our life ? The answers are different and follow our aspirations and desires.

The desire to have wealth, we risk losing precious things in life. I think that it is not important how much money, cars and other resources you have. We need to be spiritually rich, loving relatives, to help in difficult moments and to be more humble and patient. We can not want everything and nothing we give. We should not live lavishly now and tomorrow we lose everything. It is necessary to make plans for the future. We must include not only money but also true friends. We go to the cinema and theater and in this way to increase our culture. This should be striving to everyone, because there is no development without knowledge ! Without it, each of us is nothing !

 What I want to be and which way to assume ? These are the questions that we should answer.

Vyara Chileva


Love is blind, lovers cannot see. (The Merchant of Venice)

I think that this phrase, used by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice, is true. The reason why I think this way is because love really is blind.

Firstly, what is love? Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes and it can be directed towards a family member (affection), towards food, clothes or towards a special person who is dear to our heart (lover). Love can also be described as a sickness because when we fall in love we start to experience different symptoms such as having butterflies in the stomach, having rosy cheeks most of the time, the heart starts beating really fast when that certain person shows up and etc.

Love is blind. However, what does that mean? It means that appearance, past deeds, family background, social status and negative traits don’t matter. We don’t care about anything as long as we are with our beloved.  An example of such blind love is the love between Romeo and Juliet. Even though they are enemies, because of their family background, they still love each other to death. They are willing to sacrifice their life, family, friends -everything- in the name of love. Lovers cannot see their negative traits. They only notice the good in the person they love. This, however, can sometimes cause us big trouble. For example, if we love a serial killer there is a high possibility that we might get killed but some of us wouldn’t mind at all because they are madly (blindly) in love with that killer.

In conclusion, love makes us blind to every negativity. However, we shouldn’t blindly succumb to this feeling because that would only cause pain and misery in our lives.

Яна Стойчева


‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’

(As You Like It)


All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts…” is one of the most interesting quotes of the famous English writer William Shakespeare. It shows an interesting comparison between actors in their plays, and the rest of us in our lives.

To begin with, we are exactly like the actors and everyone of us has a different path to follow in life. As actors have different roles every time they perform on a stage, we are all different and everyone of us has amazing qualities and features. Difference makes us unusual and beautiful because everyone has something great to show the world. What is more, we have different roles in our lives. For example, a teacher, a doctor, a flight attendant or a chef plays a different role in life and every role is extremely important to others. There aren’t more important or less important roles. Everybody does something wonderful for the world we live in.

Secondly, everyone of us plays many parts. For instance, in school, at home, in a friend group, in town, in society. If you are a doctor by profession, you can be a mother in a family, a bad neighbour and a model citizen in a community. This is the role you play in life with many parts.

Furthermore, when we play the roles that are suitable for us we feel happy and contented. It seems to us that everything in our life is perfect and we are grateful for it. Most of us are still looking for the role that can make them happy and confident. However, some of us may not find it or have a difficulty finding it. Although sometimes it may seem that we can’t find our role, we should know that everything in the world happens when it has to happen. We shouldn’t give up because if we do who will be there to take our roles? It is important for all of us to follow their path despite every difficulty as we are the only ones who can solve the problem and change our vision to a better one. We are part of the life, and even if there is no script, we all have a part to play.

That’s the joy of life’s play, if you don’t like your present role, give it a little time, and things will be different! Unfortunately, the parts you like also change with time, and eventually go away. However, one thing is important to know that you are the only one that can play your own unique role. We all have to write some lines to improve the performance and to make it better. What should you write and how should you play it then? This is a question that we all ask ourselves. The answer is simple …the performance is in our heart and we are free do make it real the way we feel it.

All in all, we are the actors in the theatre and we decide how to play our own unique roles. The roles were created only for ourselves and no one can play them for us because we are the ones that can both write the script and then play it only how we feel it with our hearts.

Павлина Джупанова


Let every man be the master of his time

There are seven billion people on our planet, called Earth. This means there are seven billion lives. However, not all of us live properly. Nowadays we don’t realize what we have. We think that having a family and friends who will always be there for you, home where you can go whenever you need help and the most important of them all health are things we are supposed to have just because we are people. If we think this way, then there is something wrong with the thinking of our generation.

The quote “Let every man be the master of his time” will save us from a world in which we would be living without spending time with family and friends or taking care of our health. We often say we don’t have time for this or that because we are always in a hurry for something. This is how we have become slaves of time and here is the problem. We need to change. We need to become masters of time. We can do this by understanding our priorities. Yes, we have the right to live our lives the way we want but there are a few things we should understand. Firstly, our health cannot be bought with money but with happiness. Secondly, our family and friends are more important than making money because they are the cure for a real life in which there is time for everything.


Love is blind, lovers cannot see

(The Merchant of Venice)

Is love really blind and if lovers cannot see? Perhaps in most cases – yes. We all fall in love one day and it cannot be changed. Love can be both painful and wonderful. Sometimes love is blind and blinds us. Blinded is when we don’t see anything besides our own opinion. When we  love, we  love with our hearts, with our minds, but not with our eyes. If we don’t  want to feel hurt, we start thinking that everything is great and so we become blind. When some of us is fall in love every person can feel it. Lovers are just like a sun which constantly shines. They are more than happy because they found the right man for themselves. They can’t see people around them, they see only just the one they love. Love is beauty, love is music, love is perfect. The one you love is perfect for you and you don’t need eyes to see this. Just look carefuly in your heart, listen to it and when your mind will tell you “He is the one” , that means he is the one and only.  To love means to live. Love is like food , water and air. You are not able to live without them and so you can’t live without love. Love makes lovers childish. Lovers live in the clouds and nothing can’t make them down to earth. So, I think that when we are fall in love we cannot see.

Денислава Янева


Let every man be master of his time”-Macbeth

We should let everyone be who they are, let them show their real personality. Nowadays people don’t show who they are because they try to be liked by everyone. By hiding who really they are they forget who they were, what their dreams were, what they were living for. Now most of the people live and dream only to be liked. Being yourself is what you really are here. You are here to show the world that everyone should be different, should tell what he things about something, showing the world that you should do your best to make you dreams come true. But for that we should have someone beside us, to support us, to help us whenever we need advice or something. Someone to tell us that we could go through everything, tell us that we are strong, tell us that they are beside us no matter what. This would be great, knowing that someone is beside you no matter what you do, no matter if you do the right thing or make mistakes. No one is learned. That’s why we live to learn from our mistakes. Maybe we could do a mistake not once but more. Does this mean that we are stupid? No, of course, like it said some people make a mistake more than once just to be sure.  There are people that are afraid to do some things just because they know that this things are mistakes and people that make everything no matter if it is a mistake or not . We should admire this people because they risk everything. They are brave, risking everything maybe just because of a small , insignificantly thing is not that easy.

Иван Рачев


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

(As you like it)

Nowadays our world is similar to one big theater which includes stage, players, script, director, rivalry and etc. We can find these theater features in our ordinary lives.

The stage is our life, players are all human beings who have different roles , script- what we do in different situations. There is always a director in our lives independently if you are famous, rich, poor, ordinary person etc.  Rivalry is very typical for the life nowadays.

Life is one tragedy directed by someone (employer, family, friends, relatives etc.). On the theater stage plays are performed by actors. The roles can be important for the play but sometimes they can be not so important . Same is in life. Although sometimes we have to play not a mean role, maybe this little step can lead us to our biggest achievement in life. A well performed role (doesn’t matter if it’s big or small) is well appreciated by the audience. Similarly , a well lived life becomes an example which have to be followed by other people. An actor/actress has to give his/her best to the role he/she performs. All of us must do our duty with passion and honesty. One play is successful when all of the actors perform well. World will progress if each one of us contributes his best to it. In theater a director can promote an actor for his hard work, in life God can change human’s life. This mean that we are not puppets, but actors.

 As scenes change on the stage during a play , in a similar way, times change in the world. With the time the script in life and theater can change in theme and subject .

There are all types of characters both in theater and life. Some have heroic qualities that help you and support you. However, there are some who always wants to make you feel not special.

I can give a lot of examples from our simple lives. For instance, on a work interview or when you are meeting new people you show all your positive qualities . Just because you want to impress someone and you want to be good in his/her eyes. At work we try to be nice to our employer and colleges because that way we can be promoted and we can make many new friends.

There are actors in friendships too. It is not good when people pretend to be your friend only because they have a profit from you. When you become useless for them they just leave you. These people are called “fake” friends.

There is one more thing which theatre and life have in common. In a theater play there is a start and an end so in life. We start our performance when we born and when we have played our important or small role and the audience have assumed us, our time on the stage of life ends or with two words- we die.

By saying that we are all players, Shakespeare means that we change ourselves all the time, playing first one role and then another. So I think that the major idea of this quotation is that even though we think we are important and permanent, we are not.


Love is blind, lovers cannot see..’- William Shakespeare

Love is our inner beauty. Love is an attraction of life which cannot be omitted. Never mind how old the person is one day or another, he deeply falls in love and his life completely changes. Actually, not only his life changes but also his emotions, moods and thinking.  Personally, I think that is not the same person. When you are in love, you have butterflies in your stomach. Every day is a new day full of adventures and different feelings. On the contrary, love can be painful and full of disappointments. Not every person has the happiness to find his better half and his life is full of sadness, loneliness and illness. To sum up, love can be grateful or painful. Sometimes, love blind us. A person is blinded when he don’t have the opportunity to see or hear besides his own opinion.

As far as I understand, the phrase means that love is blinded because of the fact that when someone falls in love all he see is what his heart wants, not what actually the reality is. He is not able to see the mistakes of other person. He is head over heels for the person he love. All the wrong doings that the other person does are not important for him. Blindness is caused by his own thinking. He limited himself and doesn’t allow himself to think in right way. He shut his ears and eyes and doesn’t see or hear anything. For an example, when other people tell his the real truth, he doesn’t believe it and tells that it is something different.

 In my opinion, William Shakespeare is totally right. This phrase is the real truth. Lovers are blind and they don’t see the reality. Based on my experience ( never mind how poor is he) lovers don’t listen until they get hurt for the first time, next time they try to listen the others one. They are so trustful as the first time.

                                                                                                                                         Elena Mekushina


The course of true love never did run smooth“
I chose to write about this quotation from „Midsummer Night’s Dream“ because I think it is really meaningful and it is been proven in time. I think that every true love has its difficult moments with a lot of obstacles which have to be overcome. This is the only way you can be sure that the love is true and it is real. There are a lot of examples like every fairytale we have written, every movie we have watched and even real story of someone’s life. Sleeping Beauty had to wait a lot of time for her prince to come and kiss her ( in that way he saved her). The same story is with Snow White. The other example is Cinderella which had work for her sisters and stepmother, then she had to lie them and hide from them. At the end of the story,
due to the tireless and stubborn prince and, of course, the glass slipper, Cinderella got her happy ending. It is a fact that there are happy endings not only in the stories and movies but in the real life. Of course, in real life it is a lot more difficult to find your prince/ princess but it is not impossible. If the good things are easy, we cannot appreciate them. We have to fight for what we want, we have to fight for true love and, the most importantly, to believe that it exist and it is somewhere out there and it is waiting for the right time to come. We only have to remember that when The Love come it will not be easy for us to keep it because „The course of true love never did run smooth“!
Мартина Дръдалова
All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women
merely players.’

These famous lines which were spoken by a character from the Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’ show that life is basically one big play in which we are the players. It does not matter whether it is birth, death or something else, the event is shown as a play and men and women as players – both leaders and followers.

The biggest role that we play is in love. This precious feeling has always had ups and downs. Our loved ones can enter in our lives and at the same time they can just exit. At a certain point we may think that we are the happiest on earth because we are with the one we love, but a few hours later everything can change – just like in a play.

Every day, month, year can be seen as a scene in a play. For example, becoming an adult is an essential part in our lives. The 18-th birthday is ‘the climax’ of our play that will lead to the denouement and the happy ending – leaving school, going to university, finding a job and getting married. However, not everything in life is rosy. One play has its good and bad characters, so does life has good and bad people. Every day we witness how cruel we can be. Lying is a great example of the different roles we can play. When we lie we usually put a mask on our faces and become the one that the script shows us to be. That’s why liars are undoubtedly the best actors in life.

Although the leading roles are considered to be the best, we should know that listeners also play an important part. In life when we have to share a secret or tell an exciting story we always rely on the listeners which are honestly our friends.

At the end, no matter the roles, we are the players in our lives. We should live like there is no tomorrow. We should play every day like it is our last performance and make sure to make our play the best so that it will not be forgotten by the audience.

Елена Джолева


’Love is blind, lovers cannot see’

First let me tell you what love is. It is random and sudden. It is the most beautiful thing in life, the sweetest poison and the bitterest medicine. It is able to change our world radically. It makes us forgive when someone hurt us and we only wish them happiness because we love them, though he was not happy with us. Love is nobility. It is a magical feeling, enabling the blind to see again, the desperate – to believe, the sad, to smile. Love is stronger than death. She is forever. For her has no boundaries and limits. We all know the stories of ’Cinderella’ and ’Romeo and Juliet’. All are a perfect example of the power of that feeling, of magic that possesses us from devotion. To love and to be loved – this is the greatest happiness. To find the man who you waited your whole life and he shares your feelings – this is the goal of every person. The world become more beautiful, the smile get back to your face, your soul is filled with kindness. Love is the meaning of our lives and as fondly as sound – it is fact. It is magic. It surrounds us from our first moment on this world. Love is drought and wave, land and water, smile and tear, road and pier. Without it the world is empty and dark.


There is always a ’but’. Not always our love can be shared. We think we have found the only man to us, but – no, because ’unity’ there, but not irreplaceable and there never will be. Everything in this world is fleeting – comes as you know it, it is gone. Very often, the love for man turns into unattainable goal. Here the unrequited or misunderstood feelings and experiences, and sooner or later we begin to see only the good in man, but also hi shortcomings resulting. Nobody is perfect, so one of the most important things in a relationship not to compromised in the name of love. To love mean to forgive someone more than he deserves, but that does not mean to sacrifice themselves for it. It is often said that love is blind and lovers do not look with eyes but with the soul. I think the one who loves, should not be ’blind’, just from time to time to ignore the mistake of man. Sooner or later the most perfect people fall, but if you are in love with them you will forgive them. People have said –

’Do not fall in love with their hair – they turn white, do not fall in love with the eyes – they lie, fall in love with a person – it only attracts!’

I think this is true because a person falls in love not with the eyes but whit the heart and see the brightest side of man. And it is also true that the soul sees much more than our eyes, so one has to follow his heart and to listen to their inner

voice. Beautiful and dangerous, quiet and breathtaking, sweet and sinful love – so there must be experienced because it is true meanings of life. We should not allow anything or anyone to destroy our happiness. If love is real, it will overcome all obstacles.

Спасиана Григорова




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