Second meeting Poland-Bulgaria 2013

Meeting at scool, integration and sport activities
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Visit in Dream park, Forest park of suprises
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Skating, sightseeing Cieszyn
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Bulgarian students’ impressions about their trip and stay in Wisla, Poland.

Everybody before the trip has hesitations about the place he was going. I also had. I was wondering how I can handle, how they will meet me. These thoughts were constantly spinning in my head. If then I could turn the bus back to Bulgaria and not to go, I would have done it. But now I'm not sorry now because I have experienced two amazing weeks and I dare say that they were the ones of the most interesting in my life.

The fact that I was in an unknown family scared me in the beginning, but actually it was very interesting. We went out, got together with our classmates, played games and learned about the culture of a small part of Poland. Cities that we saw were amazing, especially Krakow, where we could feel the great atmosphere while walking along the river. Activities prepared in school, like Zumba, were very interesting, as well as visiting classes of our comrades from Poland. Skis and skates were the things I liked the most as well as riding the sleds pulled by horses.

The whole project was a wonderful experience. I am glad that I got involved in it because it gave me a chance to get to know a different culture, to visit different places to enjoy the amazing activities and most importantly, to meet new people whom I found  out to have common interests. For me it remains an adventure which I will never forget.

                                                                                                                    Daiana Kirilova, 7bgrade


I had a wonderful time in Poland. I liked the family in which I was placed, they were very nice to me.
I liked Wisla very much. We visited museums
The gym at the school was very large.
In Dream Park we saw a smaller version of the landmarks from around the world.
I learned to ski much better than before.

On our way to Poland we stopped in Bratislava, but unfortunately we did not have time to look at interesting places we passed by. We only had a short walk and visited a beautiful cathedral in the center of the city.
On our way back to Bulgaria we spent a night in Budapest and saw a bit of the city, which I liked very much. I noticed that the guide spoke Bulgarian, because all the previous ones spoke English. She told us very interesting things about Hungarian kings and their history.

                                                                                                                           Eva Ivanova, 7bgrade