1. Students in the hours of the class, teachers at the pedagogical council and parents at the parent meeting were acquainted with the goals and objectives of the project "Healthy Lifestyle". Three teams were formed in the three sixth grades.

October, 2011

  1. Work on the project website started.
  2. A competition was launched for a logo of the project. Videoconferencing was done with partners from Poland, at which the project teams were presented to each other and the logo of the project was selected from 6 nominated entries.


  1. Presentations made ​​by the students to get acquainted with the city, the school and the students involved in the project were exchanged between the schools. The presentations were posted on the project website.
  2. A corner (a board) of the project was situated in schools.
  3. Club "Health" led by Biology teacher was formed  to implement the project activities.
  4. At club "Health" project teams were introduced to unhealthy food with its harmful effects on adolescents and looked for more information about various unhealthy foods. The information was situated on posters.

December, 2011

  1.  An exhibition of posters (A3 size) about unhealthy food was made, the posters were translated into English and posted on the project website.
  2. In Geography classes the students were introduced to the geographic and economic situation of Poland and in history classes with the most important moments in the history of the country.

  3. E-mail addresses were exchanged for communication among the participants in the project.

  4. A campaign was launched to collect healthy recipes  for teenagers’ diet for the book with recipes.

 January, 2012

  1. A survey of the weight of all students in the school was carried out; the results were analyzed in percentages and were placed on the board and on the project website

  2. Information about healthy foods required for adolescents was explored and collected in club "Health," and a poster session (A3 size) was made and was placed on the board and on the project website.

  3. Videos were made about the preparation of healthy food in the families.

February, 2012

  1. The selection of the best recipes for healthy food was conducted. They were translated into English and sent to the Polish partners.

March, 2012

  1. A survey on the nutritional habits of the students and what food they prefer was carried out. The survey results were analyzed and placed on the board and posted on the project website.

April, 2012

  1. Polish partners prepared a cookbook with recipes selected by students for printing. The book was posted on the project website.

May, 2012

  1. Student exchange was carried out in Poland in Bulgaria in Vidin.-

  2. In Science classes participants in the exchange got acquainted to dependencies bulimia, anorexia and obesity through a presentation, which was made by students from the club "Health".

  3. An interactive activity in which the participants were divided into 4 mixed teams from both countries was conducted. The activity was captured by the Vidin cable TV and a report was broadcasted.

  4. An Interview was done in BG – Radio Vidin at which students and teachers from both countries shared their opinions and impressions about the project activities done so far.

  5. Sports day was organized in the location "Bozhuritsa" where the participants in the project have shown their skills in canoe – kayaking and swimming.

  6. In the remaining days of the stay the participants were in camp Minkovi baths, village Spanchevtsi. where the days were filled with many sports games and swimming; evenings of talents and friendship; march to Klisurski monastery and discos.

June, 2012

  1. Participants in the exchange wrote their reports about the meeting with their partners. The reports were posted on the project website.-

July, 2012

  1.  Through videoconferencing and letters on the Internet the evaluation of the activities in the first year was conducted: all activities were carried out as planned and on time.

August, 2012

  1. We have made the intermediate report of the project.-

September, 2012

  1. At parent meeting we informed parents and children about the completion of the activities and results in the first year of the project, we did a questionnaire with parents.-

  2. At the pedagogical council teachers were informed about the completion of the activities and results of the first year of the project.-

October, 2012

  1. In physical education classes students explored different types of exercise and their proper implementation. They learned about the benefits of exercises for different parts of their body.-

November, 2012

  1. A survey about physical activity among students, parents and teachers was made. The results were analyzed and graphs were made on posters which were posted on the project website and the project board.-

  2. An interactive competition between the participants in the project entitled "Movement“ was made where they demonstrated their knowledge of the muscles in the human body, which they learned in Biology classes.

December, 2012

  1. With the collected information and photos about the most outstanding athletes in our school – current and former, we made a calendar for 2013. –

  2. We made a calendar about the best athletes at two schools for 2013.

  3. Virtual dictionary was filled with words and phrases of a general nature and according to the  theme of the project.-

  4. The participants in the project have made 5 – day course of learning Polish with Miss Zhenya Emilova, student of Polish Philology at Sofia University in Bulgaria. She presented the children the most used words and phrases and showed them sites like and the like.

January, 2013

  1. Students conducted research about the history of sport and athletes in Vidin and the results were presented in the form of presentations.

  2. Students competed knowledge they received in chemistry classes in one interactive event and showed how much they have learned about the processes that occur in the human body.

February, 2013

  1. Participants in the project have made posters about their favorite players and put them on the board and on the project website.

  2. Student exchange was made ​​by Bulgaria in Poland, city Wisla

  3. During the Bulgarian exchange students actively participated in sport dance Zumba, skiing and skating, rode rides with horses.

March, 2013

  1. Discussions were held on the dangers of alcohol, drugs, smoking, social exclusion during the exchange.

  2. We celebrated together our traditional and national holidays – 1:03. and 3.03 as told about them and gave her one martenitsa to all students in Polish schools

  3. Students wrote reports about their impressions of the meeting, which were posted on the project website.

  4. Participants in the project filmed video reports on "I do sports with my family and with my friends," and the best were posted on the project website.

April, 2013

  1. Selection ​​of the best exercises for the collection. was made by both partners. They were recorded on a DVD and uploaded to the project website.-

  2. A meeting was made with the top athlete in the recent past from Vidin – Bogomil Petrov, who gave valuable advice to students about the sport, healthy eating and lifestyle.

May, 2013

  1. A survey about the damage and addiction to alcohol, drugs and smokingwas made.

  2. An interactive game "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" for the damage and dependence on alcohol, drugs and smoking was conducted with the students of the project and representatives of the Centre for prevention of addictions.

June, 2013

  1. A film was made ​​for the whole project period.-

  2. A final project meeting took place at which students presented the videos for sports with friends and family, and the collection of physical exercise, healthy food was prepared for guests and the students gave an interview to Radio Vidin BG.

  3. A report was broadcasted on BG Radio – Vidin about the project "Healthy Lifestyle"