Working programme


SEPTEMBER, 2011 – Children to be introduced to the project and formulate their expectations and the elements they would like to be included; forming of a project team.

OCTOBER,2011 – Competition for the logo of the project; a video conference and on-line voting for the best design.

 We live in different parts of the lifestyleworld, but we have a lot in common!

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NOVEMBER.2011 – Working out of the students presentations about their schools; starting of the common web site; preparing work for a display; starting of a dictionary with useful words and phrases.


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DECEMBER.2011 – Poster session about unhealthy food.

JANUARY,2012 – Conducting of a survey about students' weight and  favourite food;

analyses of  the results and placing them on the posters and  in the project's web site; video recording of the cooking of healthy food with students' parents at home (DVD copy).

Promotion of healthy lifestyle in the community and school


FEBRUARY,2012 – Poster session about healthy food.

Club „Health”  more >>>

MARCH,2012 – Questionnaires about  the addictions, like smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc.; designing posters; round  table discussions.

APRIL,2012 – Publishing of the cookery book (CD version too) in Poland.

 MAY,2012 – Students' exchange from Poland to Bulgaria.

Impressions from Vidin and evaluation

JUNE,2012 – Evaluation  of the first phase of  the project.

OCTOBER-NOVEMBER,2012 – Questionnaires about physical activity with  students, teachers and parents; analyses of the results and placing them on the posters.


DECEMBER, 2012 – Designing of the calendar with the pictures of the students with the best achievements in sports.

JANUARY, 2013 – Conducting of the survey about the best local sportsmen and interviews with them if possible; poster session with the results.

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Meeting with world record Bogomil Petrov


FEBRUARY, 2013 – Students' exchange from Bulgaria to Poland.

Youth of a nation Slide show presenting our meetings 

MARCH, 2013 – Conducting of the video recordings contest with home made videos "I do sports with my family and my friends". The best videos on the project web site and on DVD.

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APRIL, 2013 – Selection  of all collected exercises of both partners and publishing of the manual (CD and/or DVD version).



MAY, 2013 – Conducting of the survey about other addictions among the students like anorexia, bulemiya, computer games, etc.; designing posters; round table discussions.

 JUNE, 2013 – Summary of the 2 years’ cooperation in the project.

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JULY, 2013 – Presentation of the final report and products.




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