Poland – activities

3 year – 1.09.2017 – 31.08.2018

Making an advert

How to behave-competition

My pet-photo exhibition& description

Reading Winnie-the-Pooh-exhibition

Visiting public places

Making an advert for representing partners’ traditional product;

2  year – 1.09.2016 – 31.08.2017

Using ICT platforms in Maths teaching proces


Easter culinary exhibition

Exhibition of computer drawings

Geometric figures

Practical maths in use

Reading with friends-comics

1 st  year – 1.09.2015 – 31.08.2016

How to present your skills


Training courses

Reading with parents-results

Mirroring, exchanging roles

School for parents

Family day

Training Courses

Safety in communication

Parents’ Career Days

 Exhibition „My Crazy Family“

Easter culinary exhibition

Against bullying

Culinary exhibition for raising money for charity at Christmas

Logo results


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