Participants involved in the project are representing the three main groups of school agents- teachers, students and parents. They form the widened target group for the purpose of the project and could benefit from all the activities on the project.
Opportunities for the teachers will be:
– Share good pedagogical practices;
– Lesson observations;
– Participate in workshops and training courses;
– Exchange experience;
– Use of different means of mass communication;
– Opportunity to increase foreign language skills and the level of digital and IT skills;
– Improve (increase) the quality of educative process;
– Improve the interaction and intensification (strengthening) the links between the different educational systems;
– Encourage immediate use of good practices /promote some of the most applicable practices in support of teaching, learning and assessment/.

Opportunities for the parents:
– Opportunity for a closer participation in the school life and improve their attitude towards school work and teachers.
– Feel involved in the school educative process
– Improve their knowledge in English and ICT;
– Acquire and develop better social skills to communicate with their children;
– Participation in training courses, led by a professional psychologist, to support and improve the dialogue with their children; share and solve problems related to the education of their children (with regards to their age characteristics);
– Participation in various sports and role-playing games and integration into school;

The opportunities for the students as an essential part of the target group are:
-Opportunity for developing their knowledge in English and their IT skills;
-Participation in various sports and role-playing games with their parents and teachers, which will be an important part in their relationship (direct dialogue);
– Participation in role play training psychological courses
– Increase their motivation for getting a good quality education;
– Opportunity for career orienteering and development of entrepreneurial skills;
– Increase their motivation for studying English in order to communicate better;
– Improve social skills through other types of informal communication.
– Learn through the use of new or effective teaching practices


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