From 5th July to 10th July 2016 we took part in the  festival “The world in children’s hands” in Balchik for the 6th time! Oh, we did have so much fun there! We met ou friends from Russia “Step by Step” and “Jam Session” and “Blue Skies” from Balchik

We participated in Drama Arts, Vocal Skills and Recitation Competitions in all age categories. We are proud to announce that we won Gran Prix in Recitation in 3rd age category (Petya Kotova), 3rd place in Recitation in first  age category (Mariela Antonova) and 2nd pace in Drama art in all age categories. In Vocal Skills Mariana Zhekova won 1st place and Reni Gagzheva – 3rd place. The two beautiful singers got 1 place as a duet, too.